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Our story began in 1980 as a small courier delivery service company with big ambitions and bigger dreams. Our vision was to not just build a business, but to build enduring and close ties with our customers, while offering them a broad range of services. 25 years later, and over 10,000 locations across the globe, Luxury Global Courier Limited has grown from your next-door courier shop to a multinational logistics company. As strategic partners of DPD, owned by the international brand GeoPost, our story has reached a new chapter as US largest parcel delivery network.

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We offer a wide variety of solutions that can be customized to meet the unique requirements of your company. 

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For Pallets, Containers & All Types of Cargo. Our goal is to enhance and optimize your supply chain so you can obtain a competitive edge.


It is the engine of precision logistics—but not the answer alone. The right technology, in the rig Precious Logistics Ltd hands, becomes an even more effective tool. This is how we lead at : combining advanced technology with innovative thinking to customize every solution.

Our Services

Warehousing & E-Fulfilment

The maximum level of success is ensured by our capacity to integrate international parcel services with the latest technical platforms. Our fulfillment facilities are built to support efficient order-fulfillment processes, from reception to product delivery, for both start-ups and established businesses. We have top-notch warehouse management solutions that are designed to ship thousands of orders of any size quickly.

Integrated Technology Platform

All of our service packages are fundamentally built around our technology. We provide single-window frameworks for hosting products to all e-commerce websites. Optimal inventory management, channel management, order management, vendor status updates, account reconciliation, and other processes are made possible by our robust back-end software servicing. Without sacrificing transparency, the tailored IT platform offers quick and painless integrations needed by our clients.

Multi-Vendor Management

Managing e-tail distribution with multi-vendors can be one of the biggest hurdles to a successful business. It requires all network partners to assist each other in managing all the important elements of the distribution network. To facilitate this smoothly,
Precious Logistics’s fulfilment centres and technological platforms are integrated with all the major network partners. This way, there is no gap when it comes to reaching out to global customers. Now, no matter where the customer is, Precious Logistics delivers.



Precious Logistics

Our goal was to provide a wide range of services to our clients while also creating long-lasting relationships with them. Precious Logistics has expanded from a local courier service to a global logistics enterprise. Our narrative has entered a new chapter as the largest parcel delivery network in the US as key partners of DPD, which is owned by the multinational company GeoPost.

Last Mile Delivery

Our diligence and perseverance go beyond simply delivering the package; they also deliver the joy and emotional value that go along with it. Precious Logistics is known across the world for its top-notch international parcel services and proudly has the largest delivery network. The technology foundation of Precious Logistics has been created to enable flawless delivery and return handling.

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Let us know how we can assist you with your shipments by either calling the general line number, sending us an e-mail, or visiting our main offices.



Fulfilment Service for sellers has given me the edge to upgrade my business. I can now work on my core competency which is to source goods. The FC has world class facilities and products go through a series of Quality check. They nicely pack my items and have a very short processing time, which is delighting my customers. Thanks.

Patrick O’Brian
Seattle, WA

Thank you very much for safe delivery.
My daughter is very happy for the package safely delivered. Very good service.

Robert Sterling
San Jose, CA

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